Sinai - 1999 Meteors and 2004 Transit of Venus
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This is the story of the travels I have done over the past 25 years of my life.
I have been lucky enough to have travelled to many parts of the world to see some of the many natural wonders of this Planet.
In that time I have also used my knowledge of stargazing to go and see some wonderful Astronomical events.
Using the Menus above, or clicking on the country hyperlinks on the map below, you can see some of the things that I have seen and done - and I hope it will inspire you to go on similar journeys yourself.
I still have the travelling bug and as long as I have still the means to do so I will continue my roamings across the globe.
As each journey is completed I will update this website.
As I have taken so many images of my travels I incude but a small number of images on each page but you can find links to other online resources - some of them mine - to take your much deeper into my travels


2001 Eclipse Zimbabwe

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