America - both North and South has always been one of my favourite continents to go.
In the past 25 years I've seen:
1) 1991 - North American National Parks and Canyons - from Denver to Las Vegas by way of the Yellowstone NP, Grand Canyon, Grand Teton National Park and some of North Americas iconic natural and man-made landmarks
2) 1992 - Canada from coast to coast - Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City and Vancouver
3) 1994 - Costa Rica - Volcanoes, Jungle and much more
More recently, I have undertaken some more specialised tours which have included:
4) 1999 - North American National Observatories, Grand Canyon and Yellowstone NP
5) 2005 - Chile walking holiday - from top to bottom [well not quite]  6) 2012 - Los Angeles, NASA, National Observatories, then Hawaii/Observatories and The 2012 Transit of Venus
7) 2017 - Oregon Eclipse

North America

North America - when you get away from the big Cities and the bright lights - has much to offer the intrepid traveller. Many of my vacations have centred on the western USA and I've been lucky enough to see many of North America/Canada's natural wonders such as Yellowstone NP, the Rockie Mountains, the Grand Canyon as well as taking in visits to some of North America's astronomical hubs - many of which are open to the general public.
So, here are a few highlights of my many trips to this continent
Canadian/North America National Parks [1991 onwards]
The Rockie Mountains - near Banff, Canada.
Central America - Costa Rica
In 1994 I went on an 'ecou-tour' to Costa Rica. This trip was to sample the native wildlife and natural beauty of this country which in 1994 was relatively undeveloped as regards tourism. These are some of the images that I took.
Since 1994 Cost Rica has reserved much of its wild places [most of the Country] as National Parks.
There are naturally important colonies of Turtles that breed in its shorelines and many wonderfully colourful birds, frogs, monkeys and other animals that use Cost Rica as a refuge from habitat loss in other neighbouring countries
South America
In 2005 I ventured to South America for the first time [so far]. I did a 'top to bottom' tour of Chile taking in the volcanic/desert areas of the north, with the vibrancy of the middle and the Arctic beauty of the south. Along the way I visited San Pedro de Atacama, Santiago and then did an escorted walk of the Torres Del Paine National Park based from Punte Arenas
Mountain scenery near Puerto Natales
Hawaii - the 2012 Transit of Venus
The 2012 Transit of Venus was visible over much of the western hemisphere. However for best possible conditions the place to head to was Hawaii. So I tagged on a few other places as well onto an organised tour and these are the results. The trip included visits to NASA/JPL in Pasadena California, Mount Wilson Observatory, near Los Angeles and a few days in the Hawaiian Islands for the ToV and some sightseeing too.
Griffth Park Observatory oin the outskirts of Los Angeles

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The Rockie Mountains near Banff, Alberta, Canada

Barringer Crater near Flagstaff Arizona

Biosphere 2 near Oracle Arizona

Bryce Canyon Utah

The McMath-Pierce Solar telescope at Kitt Peak national Observatory near Tucson Arizona

The Colorado River

Devil's Tower. Wyoming

Kitt Peak National Observatory Tucson

Mount Rushmore, Rapid City

Old Faithful Geysir in Yellowstone NP, Wyoming

More Yellowstone NP

Lake Louise, Banff, Canada

Butchart Gardens Vancouver Island, Canada

Arenal Volcano, Cost Rica

Epiphytes in the Costa Rica jungle
From left to right - Puerto Natales, Torres Del Paine National Park [2 images], San Pedro de Atacama geysir field
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena

Telescopes atop Mauna Kea, in  Hawaii

Sunset over the Subaru Telescope Mauna Kea

Gemini North Telescope

USS Missouri Memorial Pearl Harbour

The 2012 Transit of Venus

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2017 - Journey acrsoss Oregon from Portland to Salem including viewing Total Solar Eclipse on 21st August 2017

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2017 was the year of the Great American Eclipse - a chance for many people to possibly see one of nature's most amazing coincidences - when the Sun. Moon and the Earth line up directly in lie for around 2 minutes of 'totality.
This was my 5th eclipse trip so this time I tried to make a big effort to record the eclipse in as many ways as I could.
Unlike previous eclipses I decided on travelling with am American Company who were experinced in orgainsing large groups to travel to eclipses for more than 30 years'.
The trip consistend of:
a) Portland Oregon and all it has to offer
b) A journey along the western coast of Oregon visiting Seaside and other interesting places
c) Viewing the eclipse from Willamette University in the Oregon capital Salem
below are a selection of images and the rest of my photo album can be accessed using the Camera icon to the right


Multnomah Falls in the Columbia River Gorge, near Troutbeck, Oregon
The Total Solar Eclipse as seenf rom Salem, Oregon. taken using DSLR and telephoto lens with teleconverter