Africa - one of my favourite paces to go on vacation.
There's so many diverse countries to see and so many natural wonders to visit.
Also since there is very few urbanised cities there are so many opportunities to go star-gazing in interesting places very much off the beaten track
The things I have done in this continent include:
a) Seeing 2 solar eclipses[2001 in Zimbabwe and 2006 in Libya] -  it was also cloudy for one of my trips [2002 in South Africa]
b) Seeing the 2004 Transit of Venus
c) Viewing the 1999 Leonid Meteor Shower
d) Observing under the pristine skies of rural Namibia for a super stargazers voyage across the Southern Night Sky [2014]

Sinai - 1999 and 2004

1999 may not be a particularly special year for some but to stargazers, especially those who like to view Meteor Showers, 1999 means just one thing - the best return of the Leonid Meteor Shower for more than 30 years previously
This shower is well researched and astronomers know that every 33 years the shower puts on quite a show in mid November - around the 17th plus or minus a day or two.
This shower has been extensively investigated by NASA so it is possible to find out not only the best time to view the shooting stars but also the best place to view them from
In 1999 it was the Sinai peninsular Egypt - and over the course of 3 evenings we saw tens of thousands of shooting stars - get ready for 2032 or 2033 for the next peak of activity

2004 - back to Sinai - but this time in June and it was hot! to view the Transit of Venus

South Africa and Zimbabwe 2001

It is often said that to see some of nature's wonders you have to go to places that have their challenges.
This was true of Zimbabwe in 2001 for a Total Solar Eclipse
1999 was the year that the Eclipse was seen from England - or rather is wasn't because for many people it was cloudy or worse
So Eclipse chasers being eclipse chasers set off for the natural wonder of Zimbabwe. Except this time there were not 10's of people going but hundreds.
I took in a tour of the Garden Route of South Africa before flying onto Harare to see the eclipse from Rushinga and then a few days in Victoria Falls to unwind.
Quite a trip!

Victoria Falls - a part of it

Some other views of Southern Africa

2001 Zimbabwe/South Africa
2002 - South Africa - Cape, Swaziland and Kruger Park
2006 - Libya - Eclipse, Desert and Meditteranian coast

1997 Botswana and Namibia and 2014 - Namibia

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The images below were taken from Tivoli Astro Farm
Baobab Tree
Etosha National Park Watering Hole
Bushman - very old native rock drawings
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Waterfall in Kruger National Park

Isandlwana memorial

KwaZulu_Natal National Park

KwaZulu Natal National Park

Preparing for the 2006 Total Solar Eclipse

The Acacus region of Libya


Eta Carina


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2016 - South Africa - Cape Town, The Karoo/Sutherland Telescopes and Kruger National Park

In June 2016 I ventured on a Stargazing and Wildlife watching vacation to the Karoo and Kruger National Park, in South Africa.
The trip started in Cape Town where I spent a few days settling in and visiting the Kirstenbosch Botannical Gardens, The Company Gardens in Cape Town centre and one of its other main atrractions, Table Mountain.
From here I then travelled to Sutherland for a proper fix of Astronomy and stargazing visiting some of Africa's largest telescopes.
After a few days of stargazing I then travelled onto Prince Albert to view the Gamkaskloof Gorge.
To finish off I spent a few amazing days at a private game Lodge deep in the Kruger National Park.
It is amazing what you can fit into a relatively short time if you have help from a very well organsed Tour Company - see the links section to the right for a link to their website
Cape Town - Table Mountain - as viewed form across the bay
Canon 700d 18-85mm Lens

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